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10 لباس مدل بالا سیاه توسط کیم کارداشیان

Every single person has a different personality, which is a complex amalgam of myriad of factors. Among them, dressing is a factor that speaks the most of it, especially in today’s world, which is all about glitter, glow and show. Be honest with you and ask yourself would you like a person dressed badly? For majority of you, the answer would be a big NOOOO, and that is the case with almost all of us.
It is nothing about being mean or something like that. It is simply a natural phenomenon. How can you develop positive affiliation towards something not very much approved by your eyes and mind. That is the case with dressing up of a person and its impact on one’s personality. You woud feel more positive towards a person who is dressed well and talks well with you. On the other hand, no matter how unbiased you try to be, you cannot develop as much positive affiliation to a shabbily dressed person.
Have you ever tried to think why do masses are drawn so strongly towards different celebrities. Well, of all other reasons, it is their amazing dressing sense that attracts people towards them. Though you might never have considered this fact, but this ultimately turns out to be true when you contemplate about it.
Though celebrities generally have a better sense of dressing than masses, but there are still some among them who out do others around them. You must have seen quite often taglines like the “top 10 black dresses” or so. Now, when we talk about dressing sense of celebrities of our times, there are a few names that outshine others by miles and Kim Kardashian is definitely amongst the top most contendors.
As a matter of fact, she might be defined as a celebrity who is talked about when dressed as much as when she is undressed. You might come up with the argument that she has an amazing body that makes her attire so much attractive. There is no denial to that, but you also have to acknowledge and praise her color and style choice that makes her curve speak more bluntly when dressed than undressed.
It might have never occurred to you, but it is the black that makes her glow like a diamond and perhaps that is why she loves the color black.
Let us have a look at Kim Kardashian’s top ten black dresses.
Kim Kardashian’s Top Ten Black Dresses
Kim Kardashian dresses

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