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Long silky hairs have an attraction of their own. However, maintaining long healthy hair is not an easy ask; it needs lots of time and effort, so much so that sometimes it seems like too much of them to have the hair fluttering in the air.
It is due to such aspects that majority of people nowadays seem to prefer ways that can give them those long hair without much of time and efforts needing in keeping them. That is why people are going more and more for instant long hair these days, i.e. long-hair wigs, hair extensions or long-hair pieces.
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Since past several years, different types of hair extensions have been in the fad, sometimes flying quite high, while getting quite low some other times. People have been following various types of top ten hair extensions. As a matter of fact, many of the most famous movie stars are known to be wearing these types of accessories to perform their roles in different movies. Some most famous of them are Demi Moore, Madonna and Cameron Diaz.
These extensions to your natural hair serve to add great instant length to them. They are mostly made up of fine nylon strands, resembling natural hair so much that it is very hard for naked eye to judge if a person is wearing any type of hair extensions or not. One can find just any type of extension for hair in the market with a great variety of color, length and texture.
Though many people fail to realize, but the fact is that hair extensions should be treated by professionals, as trying to add extensions at your can result quite disastrous if gone wrong. Instead of getting long silky locks, one might end up damaging their natural hair in the process.
Expected lifespan of Extensions
The life expectancy of normal hair extensions can reach up to four months if treated properly. After that time period, the glue or bond holding your natural hair and the extensions seem to loosen up and eventually fall off. That is why majority of people prefer to keep these extensions for a particular occasion or event.
How to Take Care of Them
Taking care of these accessories referred as the hair extensions is not that difficult as most of the people might assume. They can be treated and washed just as your natural hair. As a matter of fact, the wear and tear that makes them loosen up and fall out is often caused by that natural washing and treating.
How to Remove Them
You can get these hair extensions removed by professional assistance, as well as at home by careful treatment. These tiny braided attachments can be twisted gently to snap the seals, so that your natural hair can get freed from them.

The truth is that people get inspired by celebrities a lot and since past several years, they have seen many popular top ten celebrities using hair extensions, as a result getting aspired to use them as well. For those of our viewers who have some sort of interest in hair extensions, we have compiled a great collection of top ten hair extensions below.
Top Ten Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions
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